Life Insurance

Life insurance is a key component of sound financial planning and one of the most important investments you can make to secure the financial future of your loved ones. The experienced, knowledgeable & friendly agents at Rodney Cole Insurance take the time to determine how to best provide coverage for your individual life insurance needs.

When considering the appropriate level of life insurance coverage it’s important to keep in mind the financial obligations your loved ones will face, such as mortgage payments, estate taxes, debts, education expenses, etc. The right life insurance policy will help alleviate those financial responsibilities. You will also experience life changes which will mean your financial and insurance needs will likely change as well. That’s why we like to periodically review your Life Insurance options.

Rodney Cole Insurance provides quality Life Insurance solutions to match your needs, including:

  • Individual Life Insurance – protection and peace-of-mind your family deserves
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – secure your family’s financial future while receiving extended medical attention
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance – this coverage can help pay off your existing mortgage
  • Disability Insurance - if you become disabled, you can ensure you and your family have enough coverage
  • Second-To-Die Policy - this policy can be used to pay large estate taxes, protecting your wealth and keeping personal assets in the family
  • Plus other options
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Ask us about the differences between Term Life, Whole Life/Permanent Life, Universal Life and Variable Life policies.