Health Insurance

With the rising cost of medical care, health Insurance has become a top priority. So is having the right insurance at a reasonable price. Rodney Cole Insurance can provide insurance solutions to cover anything from medical and hospital expenses to prescription drugs.

Depending on your needs, our health care packages can include:

  • Individual & Family Health Insurance – avoid costly medical expenses by keeping you, your spouse, and your children protected under the same plan
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – safeguard your family’s financial future while receiving extended medical attention when you need it most
  • Temporary Health Insurance – provides protection from unexpected injury and illness when you have a gap in your current health insurance plan
  • Supplemental Insurance – keep your finances secure with coverage for situations outside your existing health policy
  • Disability Insurance – in the event you become disabled, ensure you and your family have enough coverage
  • Medical Expense Insurance – prevent paying large, out-of-pocket expenses
  • Child Health Insurance – while not everyone can afford insurance, there are still ways you can get your child the care he or she needs
  • Prescription Insurance
Health Insurance